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Privacy Policy

Webstergy Pte Ltd respects and upholds its users’ privacy. Thus, it commits itself to protecting any and all personal information which users provide. Our Privacy Policy explains in details the policies, procedures, and practices in lieu with using and disclosing personal information. Significantly, Webstergy Pte Ltd conducts an ongoing review of our policies and perform an update based on the foregoing review. Updates are made without notice. Thereby, users themselves must review the provisions stipulated in this statement periodically to ensure that all changes in terms of collecting, using and disseminating information are understood. As you use our site (, you, as one of our users, understand, accept and agree our terms of collecting and using personal information which are detailed below.

1. Personal Information

In this context, personal information refers to all recorded information pertaining to an identifiable individual. Personal information includes, but are not limited to name, age, address, contact details, nationality, gender, marital status, fingerprint and health record. Users have full control over their personally identifiable information.
Generally, any user can browse our site without the need to provide us with his or her personal information. Nevertheless, there are particular circumstances where an individual needs to provide us with personal information so we can give you an access to any of our secured pages. Registration is required which includes the collection of your name, email address, position or title and name of the company that you work for, among others. Aside from registration information, user information (username and password) will be also collected from you.
Upon registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you. The confirmation email contains information on how you may remove your information from our list (opt-out/unsubscribe).

2. Use of User Information

Webstergy Pte Ltd intends to use your user information for the purpose of supporting our users and their employers. We design our site’s contents so they become suitable to the needs and preferences of its users including you and your company. We will also use the information in sending alerts regarding new products and services.
Further, Webstergy Pte Ltd retains the user information for the purpose of tracking domains, creating user profiles and contacting you through email or other forms of communication.
Should you decide that Webstergy Pte Ltd must not contact you through any form of communication possible (electronically or otherwise); it is your responsibility to make us aware of this. Once confirmed, Webstergy Pte Ltd will not, in any way, use your user information other than for such purpose.
In line with this, any user who is below 18 years old must not submit his or her user information to us.

3. Disclosure of User Information

Despite the collection of user information, Webstergy Pte Ltd will not conduct any selling, trading or transferring of such to third parties. Nonetheless, Webstergy Pte Ltd may share such information with our key stakeholders such as our business partners. We will only share user information for the purpose of product and/or service development, advertising, and promotion. For instance, we may provide a copy of user information to various service providers so they can directly email our newsletter, surveys/polls and notifications to your email address.
Likewise, we will only disclose user information in specific circumstances such as when we have obtained your consent regarding sharing; when we are required to share it for the purpose of providing you with a product, service or both that you have requested; and when we need to comply with a court order especially if the case involves the violation of our Terms of Use.
If you wish to provide your personally identifiable information to third parties that may provide you with complementary products and services, you may do so. However, this requires a separate agreement. Also, you and your information will be subjected to the privacy policies of these third parties.

4. Accuracy and Security

Webstergy Pte Ltd deems user information accuracy and security as important. At present, users may review their information and request updates to their user information. Once you contact us for any change or correction, our staff will attempt to correct any inaccuracy promptly.
Moreover, our concern is user information security. Our commitment includes taking reasonable steps in protecting user information from illegal use and unauthorised access to such. Knowingly, we put various appropriate physical and electronic policies and procedures so we can further protect your personally identifiable information in addition to this Privacy Policy statement and managerial procedures.
Webstergy Pte Ltd is continuously implementing procedures purporting the maintenance of accurate, complete and current information.

5. Username and Password

Access to the protected pages of our site is granted through providing a username and password a user voted upon registration. Usernames and passwords must conform to the Terms of Use and this policy statement and consent to Webstergy Pte Ltd’ Disclaimer.
The failure to provide user information when accessing specific pages will prevent you from viewing these pages. These are the pages that contain information about products, services, offerings, confidential information and for member/subscriber-only information.
As you are using your username and password in accessing secured pages of our website, you are accepting and agreeing the necessity of maintaining the confidentiality of your credentials.

6. Cookies

Webstergy Pte Ltd is using cookies. A cookie refers to a small data file that web sites like ours transfer to a user’s hard drive. Through this cookie, a record of all site visits of a particular user is kept. Cookies contain information like usernames and passwords that help a site in recognising the pages that users have visited, improving future visits in the process.
Please know that the cookie can only store personally identifiable information that you yourself provide. No cookie is able to read data from hard drive or read other cookie files from other sites. Also, the information stored in a cookie could be encrypted. Nonetheless, we are not storing credit card information in our cookies.
You may opt not to accept a cookie by setting up your preferred web browser (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer and others). You may set up your browser so it will warn you before you may accept a cookie or not. You may also prefer to refuse all cookies just turn them off.
On the other hand, access to specific pages in our website requires using cookies. You will be asked whether to allow the cookie or not. Even when you deny the cookie, however, you may still access most of our site’s functions and features.

7. External Links

Our website provides external links or links that directly points to third-party sites. These sites may or may not be affiliated with Webstergy Pte Ltd. Regardless, we are not responsible for the privacy policies and procedures as well as the contents of these external sites.
External links are provided for user convenience only. Access these links at your discretion.

8. Terms of Use

Webstergy Pte Ltd has a Disclaimer describing applicable restrictions and indemnifications. Please refer to our Disclaimer page to understand the limitation of liability that governs the use of our site.

9. General

If there are any unclear stipulations in this Privacy Policy statement, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You may reach us through our Contact page.


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