CMS - Content Management System

Have you ever been frustrated when you’re updating the contents of your website? How many times have you wanted to update the web design and content of your web site but found it not just rather difficult, but it’s taking forever? Our Content Management System (CMS) will allow you to take control of your content and how the marketplace perceives you.


Nobody wants to read inaccurate and outdated content information that is updated once in a blue moon. Companies and individuals are demanding up-to-date, accurate and personalized content, and organizations are seeking web design technologies and applications to give them an advantage.

Webstergy understands that good website design is important and our unique CMS is what really sets us apart from the crowd. This is the part of our custom website design package that lets you make updates to the content of your website 24/7. Our team has built a CMS, which is rich in features and has a very flexible administration panel.


The features of our CMS are:

  • Easily Editable Content - Change and update web design and page content by yourself without possessing knowledge about HTML
  • Instantly updated content
  • Consistent corporate branding
  • Responsive (Mobile Friendly)
  • Through CMS user management, only one user is allowed to access and edit content, locking other users out.
  • Save Money In The Long Run


A well integrated CMS also means that your company can work faster. You do not have to worry about the complexity of this system. In fact, many of our existing clients have complimented that it is as easy to use as Microsoft Word. We even provide complete training, along with user manuals for each CMS installed. This empowers even the most challenged CMS user to operate smoothly. It gives you freedom and saves you time and money.


PIC Grant Special For CMS


"Webstergy provides more than just a website design!

They help and provide us with their expertise advice and service especially during our website start-up. They introduce and promote to their Fashion Online Shop customers, and that's really help both new website owners and

They are not only business-oriented but also customer service oriented. The service that they provided is more than expectation!"

Director of Labella Singapore